Adobe Unveils New Enterprise Cloud Solution

At its annual summit in Las Vegas this week, Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) took the wraps off its new Experience Cloud solution for enterprise customers. Prior to this rollout, Adobe had offered its various services — including Creative Cloud, marketing, and document clouds — on more of a piecemeal basis.

Oracle’s Cloud Sales Power a Q3 Earnings Beat

In many ways, Oracle’s (NYSE: ORCL) recent fiscal 2017 third-quarter earnings report, released Wednesday after the close, went as expected. Total revenue climbed a modest  2% to $9.2 billion, slightly  below the consensus estimate of $9.25 billion. However, thanks to yet another quarter of strong, high-margin cloud-related revenue, its $0.69 per share earnings (excluding one-time costs) handily beat the $0.62 per share the analysts had forecast.

NVIDIA Ups Its Cloud Artifical Intelligence Game

One primary reason NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock has soared 211% in the past year has been its success in expanding beyond providing graphics solutions for the world’s gamers. One of the chipmaker’s next key objectives is developing hardware to support artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, both in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud.

Qualcomm Gets a Win in Azure’s Cloud Data Centers

It’s been a while since Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) entered the race to power cloud data centers, but it has arrived in a big way. Qualcomm recently announced a partnership  with Microsoft to accelerate Azure’s next-generation cloud services utilizing the new-ish 10-nanometer Centriq 2400 platform.

Oracle Unveils Its Latest Cloud Solution

To hear Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison describe it, his company is already a cloud leader. However, though last quarter’s $1.1 billion in combined  cloud-related sales was its best ever, Oracle still has a ways to go to catch IBM and others in the fast-growing space.

IBM Tackles Quantum Computing in the Cloud

Unlike current computing platforms, including IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) cognitive computing system Watson, which scour reams of data in search of patterns and insights, quantum computing has the potential to “deliver solutions to important problems where patterns cannot be seen because the data doesn’t exist and the possibilities that you need to explore to get to the answer are too enormous to ever be processed by classical computers.” IBM intends to bring the power of quantum computing to businesses delivered via the cloud.

Oracle, Ex-Exec Set to Settle Cloud Revenue Suit

Questions surrounding what is, or isn’t, cloud-related revenue aren’t new. In December  2015, research firm Gartner (NYSE: IT) recommended that CIOs “never take vendor cloud revenue at face value.” It wasn’t long after Gartner voiced those concerns that now ex-senior finance  manager at Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) Svetlana Blackburn filed a lawsuit against her former employer alleging “improper accounting practices” related to cloud revenue.