What the Father of Venture Capital Can Teach Us About Blockchain

William Mougayar is the author of “The Business Blockchain” and a board advisor to, and investor in, various blockchain projects and startups (See: Disclosures). In this opinion piece, Mougayar discusses the early days of venture capital, drawing parallels and comparisons to the state of cryptocurrency and token-based investing taking shape today. …

What Fitbit Is Touting About Its Slim New Alta HR

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) has announced what it touts as “the world’s slimmest  wrist-based, continuous heart rate tracking device combining the benefits of PurePulse heart rate technology” — the Alta HR. In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring, Fitbit’s latest wearable is compatible with its newest apps, including “sleep stages” which measures the amount of time the wearer spends in each stage of sleep throughout the night.