Strange sciences


In case it is the first time to read this word, let me tell you what is it. It is the word that describe the science that study skull’s structure to determine personal characters according. One of the strangest sciences, was first innovated by Franz Gall a germen scientist in …

Strange sciences

What is Feng Shui ?

Fing shui is an old chinese science studies nature philosophy and prognosis using geographical features. It’s mainly concern is to understand the relation between surrounded nature and ourselves in order to live in harmony. Also it is considered to be a Chinese system of astrology uses sky rules (Astronomy) and …

Strange sciences

Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP)

NLP is considered to be a new science , it depends on programing yourself to achieve some incorporeal aims leading to actual goals in real life at the end, it’s used for personal development . In early 1950s some researchers in California collected all researches which were already done before …

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