WATCH: Artificial ‘biobag’ womb for extremely premature newborns in testing

Now Playing: Artificial ‘biobag’ womb for extremely premature newborns in testing Now Playing: ‘10% Happier’: Russell Simmons, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and activist Now Playing: Dr. Ian Smith shares tips on how to drop 20 pounds in 5 weeks Now Playing: Can emotional feeding lead to obesity? Now Playing: Researchers find …


The Harmful Effects of Sugar:

The Harmful Effects of Sugar:  You might dispose of greasy, salty nourishment from your eating routine, however shouldn’t something be said about sugar? Your adoration for treats may influence your well being and skin more than you know. A lot of sugar can be poisonous to the body and effectsly affects your general wellbeing and even …


Weight reduction and Nutrition Myths “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”

  “Eat as much as you need and still get in shape!” “Attempt the thigh buster and lose inches quick!” Have you heard these cases some time recently? Countless and apparatuses are accessible, yet their quality may fluctuate. Here, we examine myths and give realities and tips about weight reduction, nourishment, and …


Water: How much would it be a good idea for you to drink each day?

  Water is basic to great well being, yet needs differ by person. These rules can help guarantee you drink enough liquids. How much water would it be advisable for you to drink every day? It’s a basic question with no simple answers. Ponders have delivered differing proposals throughout the …


What do you know about treating flu?

In this article am going to clarify and illustrate some wrong MYTHS about flu:  Having green snot doesn’t mean you need antibiotic as when mucus production increase and you keep it in around your sense, it’s color will definitely change from normal yellow to green without presence of bacteria . …


WATCH: CTE: The basics

Now Playing: Former NFL MVP Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease CTE Now Playing: NFL Acknowledges Link Between Football-Related Injuries and CTE Now Playing: Tom Brady Talks CTE, Concussions and Injury Prevention Now Playing: CTE: The basics Now Playing: Sweet drinks may damage the brain, studies show Now Playing: 11-year-old cancer …


Seven Tips for diabetic patient

Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome describes the increase of glucose levels in blood stream as a result of low secretion of insulin hormone or due to low sensitivity of tissues for insulin, or both. Diabetic patient have problems in carbohydrate metabolism as after meal carbs are disintegrate into glucose units …


Stress Management:

  It might seem as though there’s nothing you can do about anxiety. The bills won’t quit coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your work and family obligations will dependably be requesting. Be that as it may, you have much more control than you may suspect. Actually, the straightforward …


Cooking Tips for Better Heart Health

Coronary heart disease (CHD) a leading cause of many deaths globally. Sadly, many of deaths linked to these ailments could have been avoided. Proper nutrition promotes healthy bodies and hearts, and if you want to reduce the risk of heart diseases, your nutrition should be evaluated thoroughly.   While plaques …


Want Healthy Hair? Here Is What to Eat

Healthy hair is often more associated with salons and hair treatment centers, very few people know that excellent hair has a link with the food they eat. That is why if you want your hair looking radiant and healthy, you need to eat the right diet that ensures this is …

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