Medical phenomenons

12% of patients who go through heart attack and come back to life have this flash memory about their souls out of their bodies ,, there’s the long dark tunnel , always that tunnel with the light at the end , bright light , floating in nowhere .
Neuroscience researches attribute this phenomena to the disturbed bodily multisensory integration which occurs during life threating events .
People who go through this after heeling always feel the realty of the life after death and the presence of the other world . Most of them also get depressed and commit suicide after while .

Also some go through Out of body experience (OBE) in which patient is aroused in the chamber ceiling ,, he can see his body from outside while doctors are examining him .
But not all those experiences are cheerful ,, some told stories about darkness and being tortured by demons and elves .

There are many celebrities who go through those experiences like Elizabeth Taylor at 1961 when her heart stops because of pneumonia , Sheila the French singer and also Serge Lama the singer .
Many scientists don’t believe in OBE or NDE ,, they attribute all of this to the lack of blood reaching the brain . Also said that many drugs can cause those visions like those contain Ketamine .
Other scientists said that when brain emits a lot of Endorphin – natural painkiller – when body is badly injured ,, so endorphins make the patient see beautiful light instead of his ripped body and the paramedics around .

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