The unknown stories behind the Titanic sinking


We all know the legendary story of the Titanic, the sudden appearance of the iceberg and how it ends with the ship in the bottom of the ocean . But there are 2 surprises here ,, the 1st one: in 1898 a novel called The Wreck of the Titan was written by Morgan Robertson this novel was about a huge ship called Titan which sinks in the north ocean because of the sudden appearance of an iceberg . Morgan, in his book, also described his Titan and there were similarities between Titan and Titanic in size , speed and life-saving equipment . Those are not all the similarities here, both ships were described unsinkable ,, both didn’t have enough life boats and also both had that huge triple propeller . Many question were asked if Morgan had the ability to see the future ,, but what if it was only a coincidence? no one knows .
The 2nd surprise is the myth of the cursed Egyptian mummy aboard ,, there was an unofficial story about how the Titanic sunk . That mummy we are talking about here was sold to a British man in 1890 who took it to London and during the whole journey the disasters never stopped, so the man sold it to the British museum . The mummy caused too many painful deaths to all who knew about it or saw it . According to the story it was on its way to eliminate all the museum staff, until April 1912, when an excited American businessman bought it and arranged to transport it on board of the Titanic . And then the 14th of April 1912 was the day Titanic sunk with the cursed princess aboard along with 1500 passengers .

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